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GIST Impact data included in latest ESG Report from GPIF, the world’s largest pension fund

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The Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan (GPIF) has published its 5th ESG Report as a way of reporting on GPIF’s Environmental, Social and Governance-related initiatives and the effects to all pension beneficiaries. In a section where GPIF evaluates the extent to which the constituent companies in GPIF’s portfolio are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the report adopted GIST Impact data to measure the impact of companies’ activities on the individual SDGs using a financial scale.

“…The calculation of the relationship between the SDGs and companies in the form of economic impact is an initiative that we hope to watch closely going forward.” – GPIF ESG Report 2021, p.80. You can access the full report below and refer to page 80 to see the measurement of economic impact on corporate activities mapped to individual SDGs supported by GIST Impact data.

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