Clarity AI and GIST Impact team up to launch market-leading Biodiversity Assessment and Reporting Capabilities. Learn more!

Data to assess sector and company trends, supply chain analysis and prepare for regulatory reporting.

Find out how your company is performing relative to your peers and sector at the click of a button.

We help sustainability, strategy, finance and supply chain professionals to measure the environmental impact of company operations expressing the results in €/$. Our database covers 12,800+ listed companies, allowing for detailed peer and sector comparisons.

Request your company’s free data.

Included in your report:

How to use the report


  • Company impact measured across 50+ KPIs
  • Data covering Natural, Human and Produced Capitals
  • Impact data measurement aligned to industry standards, including the Capitals Coalition and the Value Balancing Alliance
  • Quantitative impact materiality data to support double materiality assessments (e.g. for CSRD)
Sector benchmark - dollar impact
4 capitals


  • Benchmark against selected peers and sector with a database of 12,800+ listed companies across 50+ KPIs
  • Impact benchmarks include location-specific considerations based on extensive scientific research and global databases
  • Impact intensity and footprint metrics available (per $m revenue, or per $ invested)
Water consu


  • Data aligned with key reporting frameworks such as SDGs, VBA, TNFD, CSRD
  • Readily incorporate data into your organization’s strategic planning and annual reports
  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements and due diligence with traceable data and methodology
Sector sustainainbility disclosures
Unsustainable earnings
Sector benchmark - dollar impact 4 capitals
Water consu GHG
Sector sustainainbility disclosures Unsustainable earnings SDG

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