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We deliver impact intelligence.

Understanding how a company drives impact


Driver example:

Air Pollution from a company’s operations

GIST Impact analyses the dispersion and concentration of a factory’s air pollutants based on satellite data on wind speeds and wind direction.

Graphics of Air Pollution


Outcome example:

Increase in air pollutants breathed in by local population

We calculate exposure levels based on density and demographics of nearby populations with a granular, location-specific methodology.

Graphics of Air Pollution


Impact example:

Health costs resulting from company air pollution

We calculate the health impacts and associated costs to the society as a result of exposure to pollutants.

Net Air Pollution Impacts from factory calculated by GIST Impact: -$2,800M

  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Economic productivity loss
  • Hospital admissions
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost days of work
Graphics of Air Pollution

Measure your real impacts. Create long-term value for your company and your stakeholders.

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Our clients are pioneering companies and investors who prioritise outcomes over intent

Yarra Valley Water
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We harness the power of impact economics to provide an unparalleled fact base for companies and investors.

Our clients

Asset Managers

seeking alpha and risk avoidance, hence wanting to incorporate IMPACTS.

Our clients

Fund managers

managing a better-than-typical-ESG-Fund using IMPACTS.

Our clients

Chief Sustainability Officers

wanting to know the IMPACTS of their company and its peers and competitors.

Our clients

Value Chain Owners

who want to measure and manage supply chain sustainability using IMPACT scores.

Our clients

Sovereign Wealth Funds and Public Pension Funds

to see why the world’s leading SWFs and PPFs are using IMPACT data to size sustainability risks in their portfolios.

Our clients

Private Equity Analysts

who need to add sustainability and improve risk and return as a consequence.

Our clients

Financial Institutions

which want to produce IP&L™ reports, measure the IMPACT of material exposures and model small company risks

And we are partnered with the best to scale our impact

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International Chamber of Commerce
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We have you covered from impact data to impact intelligence

Access to impact data on 12,500 listed companies

Available for: Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Financial Institutions

Impact measurement & benchmarking at company, asset, project or supplier level

Available for: Companies, Value Chain Owners, Private Equity Investors, Social Programme Managers

Impact advisory & market-leading sustainability insights

Regulatory landscape, biodiversity research, social value creation

With this competitive edge, our clients make better, more sustainable decisions

What our clients said


“Valuation of non-financial capitals is the first step to acknowledge externalities in businesses. Our relationship with GIST Impact over the last four years has helped us with a good foundation in assessing and understanding the valuation and impacts of our natural capital; this, in turn has supported our ability to communicate with diverse stakeholders, internally and externally. The team at GIST brings in a long track record of expertise in this space and is always forthcoming to support us with customized insights for our requirements”

Narayan P.S. , Vice President and Global Head – Sustainability, Wipro Ltd.


“We have always known there are invisible values from our business and operations, besides the annual net profit and loss that we typically report, but we didn’t have a tool to visualise and report it.

GIST provided us a full picture of the value we deliver to our stakeholders. We wanted to take the lead (in the industry) and this has helped us on the way.”

Lena Sammeli, Project Lead Sustainability, Sveaskog

Yarra Valley Water

“We searched the globe for ideas and leaders who could help us. GIST is at the leading edge of putting thought into practice.

The researchers have solid business experience. GIST met our expectations brilliantly and helped us advance our thinking about sustainability.”

Francis Pamminger, Manager, Research and Innovation, Yarra Valley Water

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