We make impact measurement comparable for investors.

This is the next evolution of ESG.

Identify risks. Benchmark performance.
Optimise impact across all your investments.
Based on a widely-accepted, future-proof impact framework.

What we offer

Historic and forecast data for 13,000+ companies across Natural, Human and Produced Capitals
Peer group, sector and index comparison capabilities

Impact data

Data on company impacts on natural capital, human capital and produced capital – in economic terms.

Download impact data for 50 of the largest companies

Key features:

  • Fully traceable to reported data
  • Based on latest peer-reviewed science and robust economic modelling
  • Location-specific data to 50×50 sq. km granularity
  • Machine learning-based data modelling to fill reporting gaps
  • Verified for accuracy by a team of expert analysts

UN Sustainable Development Goals data

Quantified impacts may be mapped to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – in economic terms.

  • Actual impact on the ground – both positive and negative
  • Mapped at a target level

Download SDG data for 50 of the largest companies

Biodiversity data

Potentially Disappeared Fraction (PDF) data can help you understand the relative risk of species extinction as a result of a companyโ€™s operations, while Mean Species Abundance (MSA) Data helps understanding the effects of a companyโ€™s operations on the health and resilience of ecosystems.

  • Fully traceable to reported data
  • Based on latest peer-reviewed science
  • Geographically sensitive data
  • Fully aligned with PBAF recommendations
  • Verified for accuracy by a team of expert analysts

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity data

Incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) metrics for shaping informed investment decisions.

  • Granular DEI metrics: We analyse women representation at both the company and board levels, Gender Pay Gap across different levels such as company, region, employee group, and seniority, as well as the CEO pay to average pay ratio. Our coverage extends to over 13,000 companies.
  • Align with regulations: Our DEI metrics also empower investors to align with regulatory requirements such as CSRD, SFDR and international frameworks.
  • Compare DEI performance with peers: In addition, our offerings include peer comparison capabilities. This allows investors to assess and compare the DEI performance of companies against their industry peers.

Explore DEI KPIs at company level and deep-dive into different levels (e.g. seniority)

  • Compare DEI Performance with peer company
  • Year on year representation and pay gap
  • Male vs Female pay growth
  • Ethnicity composition at company level
  • Attrition rate by seniority

How to use impact

Measure & select

  • Widely accepted impact framework to help drive stock selection
  • Maintain the financial risk and reward of your portfolio

Benchmark & compare

  • Compare the quantitative impact performance of your investments to benchmark indices
  • Performance comparison between portfolios, funds and peer groups
  • Time series analysis and trends in portfolio performance
  • Leaders and laggards in your portfolio


  • Sustainability reporting by presenting a clear story around materiality
  • Compliance-related reporting with traceable, evidence-based data
  • Widely accepted yardstick for easy understanding and integrated reporting

We deliver to you


Use GIST Impactโ€™s impact valuation APIs to produce your own impact reports.


Use GIST Impactโ€™s newly introduced platform for investors.

Our impact data is used by some of the world’s largest pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, and forward-thinking asset managers and wealth managers, with over $4.5 trillion in assets under management.

Our clients and partners include:

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