Take the next step in your sustainability journey with quantified impact measurement.

We help companies measure the impacts of their business units across all four capitals:

Natural Capital
Human Capital
Produced Capital
  • See a complete picture of your impacts.
  • Benchmark your performance against peers.
  • Make informed decisions.

We offer flexible and scalable solutions for every impact need.
From off-the-shelf SaaS platforms, to impact data-as-a-service, we have you covered.

What we offer

Impact Measurement in $

Measure the impacts of your company, projects, operational assets and supply chains

  • Run impact analysis for one or more capitals (natural, human, social and produced)
  • Translate your sustainability data into impact measured in monetary terms
  • Run scenarios to assess potential impact for different projects, assets and products
  • Map your impacts on SDGs and other standards

Company, Sector and Benchmark analysis

Benchmark your performance across industries (14,500+ listed companies across 50+ KPIs)

  • Compare your environmental impacts against your sector and peers
  • Measure your impact intensity and footprint (per $m revenue, or per $ invested)
  • Evaluate the performance of your social programmes
  • Quantify impacts for specific land use, e.g. agriculture

CSRD Materiality Check

Put quantitative impact analysis at the heart of your materiality assessment

  • Quantitative materiality assessment: use our impact valuation engine to measure impact materiality and seamlessly fill data gaps with our market-leading Machine Learning estimations.
  • CSRD-aligned benchmarking: with coverage across 14,500+ listed companies, we map your materiality against sector peers for transparent comparison and risk identification.
  • Financial materiality assessment: monetised impact valuation streamlines the incorporation of materiality outputs for financial materiality assessment.

Nature and biodiversity

Get a complete and accurate measurement of the risk of biodiversity loss resulting from your operations and supply chain, while also measuring the benefits of your nature investments

  • Measure your baseline impact on nature and biodiversity, based on: species abundance (MSA), species richness (PDF) and Ecosystem Services ($s)
  • Measure at up to 300m2 geographical specificity
  • Measure the unseen risks in line with TNFD
  • Consider holistic impact of both direct drivers and indirect drivers
Mean Species Abundance (MSA) due to Land Use / Land Cover and proximity to mining sites: Comparing the state of biodiversity intactness in terms of mean MSA values for specific mining areas
Source: Maus, V., Giljum, S., Gutschlhofer, J. et al. A global-scale data set of mining areas. Sci Data 7, 289 (2020).

Our clients

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Yarra Valley Water

What our clients said


“Valuation of non-financial capitals is the first step to acknowledge externalities in businesses. Our relationship with GIST Impact over the last four years has helped us with a good foundation in assessing and understanding the valuation and impacts of our natural capital; this, in turn has supported our ability to communicate with diverse stakeholders, internally and externally. The team at GIST brings in a long track record of expertise in this space and is always forthcoming to support us with customized insights for our requirements”

Narayan P.S. , Vice President and Global Head – Sustainability, Wipro Ltd.


“We have always known there are invisible values from our business and operations, besides the annual net profit and loss that we typically report, but we didn’t have a tool to visualise and report it.

GIST provided us a full picture of the value we deliver to our stakeholders. We wanted to take the lead (in the industry) and this has helped us on the way.”

Lena Sammeli, Project Lead Sustainability, Sveaskog

Yarra Valley Water

“We searched the globe for ideas and leaders who could help us. GIST is at the leading edge of putting thought into practice.

The researchers have solid business experience. GIST met our expectations brilliantly and helped us advance our thinking about sustainability.”

Francis Pamminger, Manager, Research and Innovation, Yarra Valley Water

We deliver to you


Use GIST Impact’s impact valuation APIs to produce your own impact reports. Ideal if you already have your own sustainability data tracking systems.


Use GIST Impact’s market- leading impact measurement platform. Ideal for those starting out on their impact journeys.

Impact datafeed

Use GIST Impact’s benchmark data to build out your sustainability strategy and narrative. Ideal for those who are looking for data for research and reporting.

Latest Insights

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