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Clarity AI and GIST Impact Team Up to Launch Market-Leading Biodiversity Assessment and Reporting Capabilities

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May 9, 2023, New York – Leading sustainability technology platform, Clarity AI, and leading impact data and intelligence provider, GIST Impact, have announced their latest partnership in the development of a biodiversity impact assessment product. This innovative solution comes at a time when biodiversity-themed funds have gained nearly $1 billion in assets this year, indicating the growing recognition of the financial industry’s role in mitigating biodiversity risks.

By utilizing Clarity AI’s comprehensive product ecosystem and market-leading coverage along with GIST Impact’s 15 years of experience and expertise in biodiversity and impact metrics, the partnership will provide a market-leading solution that helps clients identify and size their exposure to companies that have a negative impact on biodiversity. This will ultimately facilitate informed investment decisions and company engagement practices.

“The imperative for investors to account for biodiversity impacts in their decision-making has never been greater. We’re excited to partner with Clarity AI, combining their deep technology expertise with our industry-leading biodiversity impact methodology and data. Together we’re providing access to credible biodiversity data that is company-specific, geographically accurate, and provides the most holistic coverage of biodiversity impact drivers. This data is critical for effective risk management, and to support action to curb further nature loss,” said Pavan Sukhdev, Founder and CEO, GIST Impact. 

This partnership will also ensure that clients are well-equipped for the latest regulatory developments, such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).

“Partnering with GIST Impact is a significant step for Clarity AI as it enables us to leverage their extensive experience, knowledge, platforms and data on biodiversity impact assessments. Through this partnership, we can provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information on biodiversity risks, allowing them to make informed investment decisions and engage with companies in a meaningful way,” said Angel Agudo, VP of Product and Board Director at Clarity AI.


About GIST Impact

GIST Impact is a leading impact data and analytics provider that has been measuring and quantifying corporate impacts for more than 15 years. GIST Impact’s historic and deep expertise in the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB) enriches its clients’ knowledge of their impacts and dependencies on nature. With a team of 100+ scientists, engineers, data scientists and ecological and environmental economists, GIST Impact codifies this experience within its market-leading impact platforms and datasets, covering 12,800+ companies with geographically precise, time-series data. GIST Impact works with pioneering companies across all sectors and with investors representing over $8 trillion in assets under management. GIST Impact also partners with some of the world’s largest ESG data providers, business networks, and fintech platforms to enable impact measurement across global markets.

GIST Impact Media Contact
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About Clarity AI

Clarity AI is a sustainability technology platform that uses machine learning and big data to deliver environmental and social insights to investors, organizations, and consumers. Clarity AI’s capabilities are an essential tool for end-to-end sustainability analysis related to investing, corporate research, benchmarking, consumer ecommerce, and regulatory reporting. As of January 2023, Clarity AI’s platform analyzes more than 70,000 companies, 360,000 funds, 198 countries, and 199 local governments, which represents the broadest data coverage in the market with up to 13 times more than other leading players. One way Clarity AI delivers on its mission to bring societal impact to markets is by ensuring its capabilities are delivered directly into clients’ workflows through integrations with partners like BlackRock – Aladdin, Refinitiv an LSEG business, BNP Manaos, Allfunds, and Simcorp. Additionally, Clarity AI’s sustainability insights reach more than 150 million consumers across more than 400,000 merchants on the Klarna platform. Clarity AI has offices in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and its client network manages tens of trillions in assets and includes companies like Invesco, Nordea, BlackRock, Santander, Wellington, and BNP Paribas.

Clarity AI Media Contact

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