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Company and sector analysis: Get your report done in 2 days

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We measure the impact of company operations across natural, human and produced (financial) capitals, expressing the results in $-quantified scores to enable comparison across drivers and between companies. Our core data sets are more accurate and up to date than competitors; while our machine learning derived estimates cover the data gaps where companies do not disclose information and our estimates are proven to be more accurate than competitors once again.

Your outcomes

  1. Enhanced view of sector impact and trends through the lens of impact valuation 
  2. Access to the data that your investors are already using about your company and sector
  3. Enhanced understanding of impact valuation for your teams ahead of upcoming regulatory shifts (e.g. CSRD) 

Use GIST Impact’s benchmark data to build out your sustainability strategy and narrative. Ideal for those who are looking for data for research and reporting.

We put together the below example to showcase our reporting capabilities.

Please complete the form to download a sample report.

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