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Exploring the nexus of AI and social impact with Microsoft

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Earlier this month, we were thrilled to be invited to participate in Microsoftโ€™s event on “Inclusive Economic Growth in the Era of AI” as part of their National Apprenticeship Week Celebrations. 

The spotlight of the day was on creating, maximising and measuring social value, with the event featuring a range of prominent leaders from government, local councils, charities and corporates sharing their views. 

The AI thread was also spun throughout the day, highlighting the opportunity it brings to create societal positive impact (e.g. through new and evolving jobs), and emphasising the criticality to do so responsibly.

The GIST Impact team was honoured to contribute our insights on best practices for measuring and valuing social impact as well as showcase some of our exciting work in this space. 

As part of the AI Talent Marketplace, we had a chance to preview our new Power SROI platform, which helps companies measure the social impact they have, building on 15+ years of research and a database with thousands of models and data points.

It was inspiring to see the incredible work of charities and their corporate partners to help people into the workplace, and thrive in new jobs through apprenticeships, with many diverse case studies featured, from those working directly with refugees from 80+ countries around the world, to examples of changes from digital disruption across English councils.

Look out for more details on our exciting new platform in the coming weeks – and get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about our social impact offering: info@gistimpact.com.ย 

For further information, visit:ย  https://gistimpact.com/power-sroi/

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