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GIST Impact and Systems 7 partner to enhance double materiality assessments for EU CSRD reporting

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Exciting News! GIST Impact, a leading provider of impact data and analytics, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with S7, an Oslo-based advisory firm that helps leaders drive transformation in their teams and organisations – supporting the health of the environmental, social, political and geopolitical systems in which they operate. Together, we are advancing double materiality assessment for CSRD reporting, aligning with EFRAG Materiality Implementation Assessment Guidance (MAIG) to ensure auditability and accountability.

At GIST Impact, we streamline double materiality assessments, offering robust quantitative scores for over 14,500 companies across 50+ sectors. This eliminates qualitative bias, slashes costs, and enhances transparency for assurance. Meanwhile, S7’s sustainability expertise and deep experience of working with senior executives means that we are able to integrate qualitative insights and build leaders’ fluency with ESG and sustainability along the way.

Our collaboration promises improved double materiality assessments and a rigorous, repeatable process for regulatory compliance, all while driving sustainability performance.

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