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GIST Impact at the UN Food Systems Summit 2023

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GIST Impact was excited to be in Rome this week for the United Nations Food Systems Summit + 2 Stocktaking Moment, where our CEO Pavan Sukhdev discussed how a True Cost Accounting (TCA) approach can help leaders and stakeholders re-evaluate the impacts of agriculture and food policies and programs around the world.

In his opening presentation of the “True Cost of Food” Special Event, Pavan spoke about the results of our recently launched study with the Global Alliance for the Future of Food – Natural Farming Through a Wide-Angle Lens: True Cost Accounting Study of Community Managed Natural Farming in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Published on July 19, the study brings to light the remarkable potential of agroecological natural farming by assessing the economic, social, and health impacts of different farming systems in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, and demonstrating how true cost accounting can help guide integrated policy actions that transform food systems.

If you missed our study launch webinar last week, click the links below to access the webinar replay and the full report and learn more about the implications of this pioneering work.

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