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GIST Impact featured in Wipro’s whitepaper on impact accounting

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Recently we were featured in a whitepaper by our esteemed client, Wipro on the โ€œThe Rise of Impact Accountingโ€ – check out the full piece below to learn how impact measurement enables companies to deliver standardised and comprehensive reporting by harnessing quality big data and advanced technology.

Over the past seven years, Wipro has trusted GIST Impact with the calculation of their Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) and we’re honoured to support them in their move to an Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L), bringing together natural, social, and human capitals alongside financial capital into a more holistic impact accounting view.

We thank Wipro for including us in their whitepaper and are proud to work with a client who proactively adopts a more holistic and integrated approach to their negative and positive impact on the world, enabling them be more resilient, competitive, and strongly differentiated.

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