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News – GIST Impact CEO Pavan Sukhdev wins 2024 EAERE European Practitioner Achievement Award in Applying Environmental Economics

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GIST Impact is proud to announce that our CEO and Founder, Pavan Sukhdev has been awarded the 2024 EAERE European Practitioner Achievement Award in Applying Environmental Economics.

The award recognises practitioners in the policy or business arena who have made signal contributions in the application of economic ideas. In particular, the Award recognises those who work or do substantive business in Europe, and have demonstrated courage and skill in successfully achieving the implementation of environmental economics ideas.

Pavan’s selection for the award was unanimously and enthusiastically endorsed by the Association’s Council. They acknowledged his longstanding and impactful contributions to the field of environmental economics, in particular his pioneering work illuminating and quantifying the economic value of our natural environment.

Previous recipients of the EAERE European Practitioner Achievement Award include notable figures such as Mr. Artur Runge-Metzger, Mr. Yvo de Boer, Ms. Christiana Figueres, Ms. Laurence Tubiana, Mr. Jean-Philippe Barde, Mr. Klaus Toepfer, Mr. Bert Metz, Mr. Mats Segnestam, and Mr. Jos Delbeke. 

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