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Rayne van den Berg joins GIST Impact partner network

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GIST Impact is delighted to introduce our newest global partner, Rayne van den Berg!

Rayne is a pioneer in natural capital accounting, measuring and valuing Nature from sequestered carbon to habitat and water flows. Most recently, she served as CFO for Forico, where she played a pivotal role in driving strategic value for Tasmania’s largest plantation forestry estate.

Rayne brings extensive experience in corporate sustainability and shares our belief at GIST Impact that integrated reporting is a crucial solution for enhancing the transparency of an organisation’s environmental, social, and financial impact to drive positive transformational change.

Recently, Rayne led the Forico team in developing one of the world’s first Illustrative Examples of Integrated TCFD + TNFD Disclosures, commended by the TNFD Global Secretariat as an early adopter case study for other businesses to follow.

We’re excited to welcome Rayne to our partner network and look forward to making strides together towards a more sustainable and impactful future!

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