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The hidden economics of nature

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Our CEO Pavan Sukhdev discusses the importance of accounting for the “Hidden Economics of Nature” in his latest comment piece for The Billion Press, as featured in Deccan Herald, South Asia Monitor, The New Indian Express, The Navhind Times, OrissaPOST, and Deshbandhu in March 2023.

“While huge value is being delivered by the Amazon rainforest and its rainfall cycle, there is no price being paid in exchange. Why? Because nature does not send any invoices. That is the economic invisibility of nature.”

“But it’s not just about the Amazonas, or indeed about rainforests. No matter what level you look at, whether it’s the ecosystem level, the species level, or the genetic level, we see the same problem again and again.”

“The reason we are losing nature boils down to one basic problem: Our inability to perceive the difference between public benefits and private profits.”

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