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Unpacking Nature’s Value: Taking Biodiversity Impact Measurement from Science to Action

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We’re excited to share our latest article – “Unpacking Nature’s Value: Taking Biodiversity Impact Measurement from Science to Action” – published in the Veolia Institute FACTS Report 2023.

In the piece, our GIST Impact colleagues Mahima Sukhdev, Anupam Ravi, Snehal Bhosale and Aromi Salot, discuss practical approaches for measuring and valuing biodiversity and ecosystem services, including:

  • How to adopt a science-based approach to measuring and valuing biodiversity
  • The key frameworks elevating biodiversity measurement and reporting
  • How to measure direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity
  • Real-world, best-practice examples of how companies are putting this into practice

Scroll below to read the full article, within the latest edition of the FACTS Report from the Veolia Institute, focused on “Innovation for ecological transformation”.

If you would like to read the full report click here.

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