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We provide data and software solutions to help companies and investors meetSFDR requirements.

Your trusted partner in your regulatory alignment journey

How GIST Impact can help complying with regulations and standards

What we offer

Full coverage across 14,500+ listed companies worldwide – with on-demand insights for private assets and SMEs.
Market-leading Machine Learning estimations for full data coverage.
Effortless benchmarking across 50+ sectors and industries.

CSRD Double Materiality

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) ushers in a new era for sustainability reporting.

Companies must now report under the double materiality principle. They must also report across far wider-ranging Environmental, Social and Governance topics. 

Core to a successful CSRD programme is quantitative sustainability and impact data, supported by rigorous science and transparency, and fully aligned to EFRAG guidance. 

Data can accelerate analysis, de-risk decisions and enrich stakeholder engagement.

GIST Impact provides the full suite of data & intelligence to power CSRD programmes.

  • Quantitative double materiality scores for 14,500+ companies, built on underlying sustainability and impact data and aligned to EFRAG materiality assessment guidance.
  • Scientifically robust impact valuation methodology to guide wider stakeholder engagement and to support enhanced Impact, Risks, and Opportunities (IRO) analysis.
  • Trusted and reliable data with source traceability, mapped to the latest European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) topics and sub-topics.
  • Detailed score breakdown by scale, scope and ease of remediation – with automated benchmarking for assessing performance against leaders and laggards.
  • Market-leading Machine Learning estimations for full data coverage – eliminating disclosure gaps while maintaining integrity of disclosed data.

TNFD Data & Reporting

Nature and biodiversity loss poses major business risks for corporates and financial institutions. GIST Impact’s biodiversity solutions offer a wide coverage of the TNFD’s LEAP Framework. Report your alignment with TNFD Framework with GIST Impact’s robust data for more than 14,000 companies.

Our data quality promise:

  • Tailored solutions for your need: Whether you are a corporate or an investor, our tailored solutions offer coverage of TNFD LEAP framework that best suit your needs
  • Accurate data: GIST Impact’s granular data enables coverage of TNFD’s LEAP framework via reported data, geo-spatial data and superior ML model data
  • Real-time support from regulatory solutions team

UK Social Value Model

Report social value created by your company in line with UK Social Value Model 2020.

Our data quality promise

  • Identify your material social programme and map it against the relevant social value themes outlined in the Model Award Criteria (MACs) of the act.
  • Streamline your social programme KPIs to capture the specified reporting metrics for each social value theme.
  • Estimate the social value created in economic terms and measure your Social Return on Investment (SROI).
  • Map your positive social impacts to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Utilize this information for corporate reporting or public sector bids, demonstrating your social value creation.

EU Taxonomy Eligibility Screen

Use GIST Impact’s proprietary online tool to quickly and easily perform your EU taxonomy eligibility assessment at the company level and portfolio level.

Our data quality promise:

  • Accuracy
  • Assured traceability
  • Timeseries & recency
  • Reliable estimates

SFDR Data & Reporting

A full-service solution for automated, SFDR-aligned reporting. Report with confidence using GIST Impact’s robust data for over 13,000 companies in more than 100 countries.

  • Accurate data: Comprehensive engineering enables advisors, fund of funds and investors to make PAI assessments of companies using both reported data and accurate estimations
  • Precise estimation: Our best-in-class data modelling of sustainability data fills the reporting gaps with more than 85% accuracy.
  • Proven traceability: Sustainability data comes with complete transparency to source materials.
  • A little extra on us: Time series data from 2016 for disclosed data and quantitative impact values. These allow trend comparisons between companies and portfolios to see who has and most likely will deliver on goals.

Sustainable Investment Framework (incl. MiFID II)

Utilize our cutting-edge data to align your product offerings with your clients’ sustainability preferences.

Our data quality promise:

  • Accuracy
  • Assured traceability
  • Timeseries & recency
  • Reliable estimates

Our clients and partners include:

Yarra Valley Water
JSWMicrosoftSuzanopernod-ricard-logo-png-transparent (1)Clarity AI

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