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A science-based solution to measure the biodiversity risks and opportunities of a company

Get a full picture of the biodiversity and nature impacts of your company and investments.

As the world’s ecosystems face increasing threats, investors  must consider the impacts of their decisions on biodiversity and nature. 

GIST Impact in partnership with the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool is proud to offer a suite of science-based data products that provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of companies’ impacts and dependencies on nature.

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GIST Impact’s Biodiversity Edge

What we offer

Historic and forecast data (2016- 2025)
14,000 companies coverage
Peer group, sector and index comparison capabilities
14,000 companies coverage
Peer group, sector and index comparison capabilities

We bring our world-leading expertise in the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB) to enrich our clients’ knowledge of their impacts and dependencies on nature. 

Our Founder and CEO Pavan Sukhdev’s work on measuring biodiversity and ecosystem impacts has been recognised through several awards, including the Blue Planet Prize (2016) and the Tyler Prize (2020), often referred to as the “Nobel prize for the environment”.

Pavan is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, and was study leader of UNEP’s seminal study on The Ecosystems of Economics and Biodiversity (TEEB).

Partner with GIST Impact to measure biodiversity impacts and manage nature-related risks

Species Richness (PDF) data

  • Understand the major drivers of biodiversity risk in their portfolios
  • Compare their portfolio’s biodiversity performance against an index
Screenshot 2023-05-07 235536
Screenshot 2023-05-05 101854

Natural capital data

  • Track portfolio performance over time
  • Measure your risk within specific drivers (e.g. water)
Screenshot 2023-05-05 102510
Screenshot 2023-05-07 235536 Screenshot 2023-05-05 101854
Screenshot 2023-05-05 102510
  • Identify key drivers of biodiversity loss
  • Scenario analysis to inform operational decisions
  • Align net zero and nature strategic plans

Benchmark your performance across industries (12,500+ listed companies across 50+ KPIs).

“We may utilize the gifts of Nature just as we choose but in Her books, the debits are always equal to the credits.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our clients and partners are pioneering companies and investors who prioritise outcomes over intent

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And we are partnered with the best to scale our impact

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Get a full picture of the biodiversity and nature impacts of your investments.

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