GIST Impact wins ESG Data Provider of the Year – EMEA 2024. Learn more!

The platform for corporate teams to research and analyse monetised impacts of companies and portfolios.

The one-stop platform for your sustainability needs.

The Data Portal is a user-friendly SaaS gateway to our market-leading impact, biodiversity and other sustainability data.

Supporting intuitive workflows with rigorous, actionable insights – driven by data that speaks the language of finance and aligns with the latest regulations and frameworks.

Book a demo of the Data Portal today – and see for yourself why investors, consultants and corporate teams trust our research-driven, quantitative and location-specific data to meet their sustainability needs.

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How you can use the Data Portal

Key features of the Data Portal

Comprehensible & Traceable
Sustainability Data

  • Complete Data Traceability: Trace every disclosed data point back to its source report.
  • Seamless Click-through Navigation: Explore specific pages with a single click.
  • Extensive Historical Data: Access data history from 2016 onwards.
    Analyze Performance Trends: Review 3-year or 5-year trends effortlessly.
  • Disclosed & Estimated Data: Gain insights from comprehensive data sources.
  • Convenient Report Access: View or download the complete reports.

Biodiversity Data & Proximity

  • Location-Specific Biodiversity Insights: Access a unique dataset that provides precise measures of biodiversity impacts based on specific locations.
  • Portfolio Visualization: Overlay your portfolio and explore various asset locations in relation to biodiversity.
  • Proximity Analysis: Assess the proximity of your assets to biodiversity-sensitive areas for better risk management and conservation efforts.

Social Data

  • Comprehensive Performance Insights: Gain a deep understanding of company performance metrics in areas such as Employee Matters, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Social Matters.
  • Quantitative Metrics: Access quantitative metrics including Gender Pay Gap, Women on Board (%), CEO pay to Average pay ratio, and ethnicity distribution.
  • Exclusive Granular Data: Enjoy exclusive access to granular data at different levels such as employee seniority, employee cohort, and geographic region, setting us apart from others.
  • Improved Trendline Assessment: Analyze multilayer time-stamped data for enhanced trendline assessment and better understanding of social performance over time.

Peer Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Comparative Analysis: Compare portfolios or companies with peers and sector benchmarks.
  • Portfolio Benchmarking: Compare portfolios with other portfolios and benchmark indices.
  • Impact Composition: Review the composition of impacts across key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Identify Leaders and Laggards: Gain insights into leaders and laggards by sector, region, and constituents.

Our clients and partners

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