A platform to help supply chain leaders measure, quantify and benchmark the impact of their value chain on the environment.

Extend your sustainability reach with our cutting-edge assessment solution.

SME360X is a user-friendly platform designed to help supply chain leaders, financial institutions, trade bodies and banks assess environmental performance and impacts across their value chain and networks.

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How you can use SME360X

A simple five-step process:


  • Input company’s available information and environmental data easily
  • Receive reliable data estimates, generated by our advanced scientific algorithms, unlocking sustainability reporting for SMEs with limited data
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  • Identify the most material impacts to the company and environment
  • Manage sustainability data in a centralised system, making it easier to track, analyse, and report on
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  • Compare company’s  environmental performance against sector averages 
  • At an aggregate level, compare entire value chains and networks against sector benchmarks
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Set pledges

  • Build an action plan to reduce company’s most material impacts over time
  • Learn about best practices that can yield the biggest performance improvements
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Take action

  • Identify areas of improvement, and track progress against pledges over time
  • Get certified on sustainability with an official ICC SME360X Certificate, and showcase achievements to customers and other stakeholders
  • Make data available to your clients and supply chain partners who require it for new standards and regulatory reporting, such as TNFD and CSRD
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Our clients and partners

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Yarra Valley Water
International Chamber of Commerce

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