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GIST Impact Spotlight Series: Anand Singh

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Expert technologist, amateur chef and devoted father, Anand Singh lives a carefully weighted existence – balanced between a deep involvement in emerging technologies and cutting-edge solutions, and a personal life enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

First and foremost, Anand is a family man. He likes to spend his time outside of work going out in his local community and exploring with his two children: a 6 year old son and 1 year old daughter. Having such young minds to mould keeps his passion for creativity and innovation alive and inspires him to work on his own self-development. Recently, this has taken the form of him becoming somewhat of an amateur chef at home. Researching recipes online and watching YouTube cooking tutorials has kept Anand busy in the pandemic, with Chhole Bhature, Dhokla becoming his signature dish.

As Anand’s recent exploration of South Indian cooking proves, he has a never ending passion for self-education, “I like to learn new things and develop new skills and am never someone to shy away from a challenge or turn down an opportunity,” This passion for learning is also easy to see when looking back at his impressive 10 year career. With a background in software engineering, programming and technology development, he has been part of teams developing impressive and wide-reaching software products across e-commerce, information management and IT services.

A vital part of the GIST Impact ecosystem, Anand helps develop GIST Impact’s SaaS products and solutions, including GIST Impact’s Public Equity Database and our impact valuation products, I360X and SME360X. His expert knowledge of programming and development has played a strong role in helping GIST Impact to develop the cutting edge solutions it has to date, as well as help us plan an exciting roadmap for our future focus.

Anand’s motivation for joining GIST Impact came from multiple angles. First, he was excited by the prospect of using his deep technical expertise to help speed up sustainable development. While he is new to the environmental space, he has always had a passion for how technology can be used to solve big problems. As Anand puts it, “Can technology save the world? Not by itself, but new technologies can accelerate change by making us better informed and therefore able to make smarter, strategically enhanced decisions. Technology is all about efficiency, and creating a more sustainable world desperately needs speed and efficiency.” He sees GIST Impact’s offering as providing a timely solution to that much touted, but still somewhat elusive, concept of ‘green growth’, by enabling organisations to manage their material risks and make informed decisions.

Alongside the opportunity to stretch his legs in a purpose driven role, it is the team at GIST Impact that motivated him to join the organisation, “The GIST Impact team are an incredible group of intelligent, dedicated and welcoming individuals. They are able to strike a balance between being thorough in the work they do, while also supporting each other and enjoying the work. I’ve found that inspiring. The team genuinely enjoys solving problems and coming up with new solutions, creating an entrepreneurial environment that can even be felt over Zoom.”

When asking Anand what he sees for the future, his answer focuses rather philosophically on the journey and not the destination, “Over the past year and a half, I have been fascinated by the journey I have watched GIST Impact go on; not just the growth of the organisation itself, but the readiness of the market to engage with GIST Impact’s products and solutions. The team never stands still, but is always looking to enhance and adapt. This has shown me that this organisation is going to make a huge difference and I am thrilled at the ability to be a part of the journey we’re on towards our intended impact – and beyond!”

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