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The easiest way to do SFDR reporting with confidence

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SFDR reporting has been with us since March 2021, but kicked up a gear with the Regulatory Technical Standards applied from the beginning of this year. The biggest challenge for investors is to report both product and entity level ESG characteristics. This is solved with accurate data from a trusted source, a precise Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) statement and the ability to meet evolving regulatory requirements. 

PAI Example

Emissions to WaterTonnes of Emissions to Water generated by investee companies per million EUR invested, expressed as a weighted averageThe portfolio has 0.03 tonnes of emissions to water per million EUR invested. The low number indicates that the portfolio constituents are discharging minimal pollutants to water

GIST Impact’s SFDR solution simplifies reporting for each financial product and helps integrate sustainability risks into the investment decision-making process. Investors can compare securities and portfolios in terms of ESG factors and make informed decisions that align with investment goals.

Report with confidence using GIST Impact’s robust data for over 13,000 companies in more than 100 countries

  • Accurate data – GIST Impact’s comprehensive engineering enables advisors, fund of funds and investors to make PAI assessments of companies using both reported data and accurate estimations.
  • Precise estimation – Our best-in-class data modelling of sustainability data fills the reporting gaps with more than 85% accuracy.
  • Proven traceability – Sustainability data comes with complete transparency to source materials.
  • A little extra on us Time series data from 2016 for disclosed data and quantitative impact values. These allow trend comparisons between companies and portfolios to see who has and most likely will deliver on goals.
  • Dedicated support – GIST Impact protects you at every step with dedicated and expert  support helping clients find and interpret data.
  • Efficient solution – Take control of Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) reporting with maximum flexibility and no unnecessary fees.

Contact us to learn more about our SFDR reporting solution and we can help your organisation prepare for regulatory requirements.

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