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Webinar: Nature’s Value: Integrating Biodiversity Data for Effective Investment Strategies

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On our latest webinar, GIST Impact CEO Pavan Sukhdev and Global Partner Rayne van den Berg discussed the topic of “Nature’s Value: Integrating Biodiversity Data for Effective Investment Strategies”.

With the global shift towards nature-focused reporting, it’s crucial for investors to understand the significance of biodiversity in their strategies. We explored key considerations and the role of data in navigating nature-related risks and impacts.

During the discussion, they covered:

  1. The key concepts and methodologies behind measuring biodiversity risks and impacts (including MSA and PDF).
  2. The fast-changing regulatory landscape making biodiversity a strategic imperative (including TNFD, Article 29, and CSRD).
  3. Challenges investors face in measuring the biodiversity footprint of their portfolios.
  4. How data-driven solutions are empowering investors and corporates to assess, report, and act on their biodiversity footprints (including specific case study examples).

Watch the full replay below

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