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Case Study

Measuring Ecosystem Services and overall value to Sveaskog

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Sveaskog is Sweden’s largest forestry company and owns over 14% of the nation’s forests. Sveaskog wanted to understand the net benefits to society provided through ecosystem services from Sveaskog’s owned forests.


GIST Impact measured the impact on environment and society of the company’s forestry operations and the offsetting benefits of preserving ecosystem services from owned forests.


The net societal benefit generated for the company was SEK 7 billion (of which SEK 4.1 billion was from carbon sequestration, and SEK 2.7 billion from water conservation). The positive externalities of forest preservation far outweighed the negative impacts of the company’s business operations.

We offer a suite of science-based data products that provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of companies’ impacts and dependencies of nature. Visit Biodiversity Solutions – GIST Impact.

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